Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A New year!

I cant believe its been 7 months since I last updated! Well, actually I can. A lot has happened since then.
In July I moved back to Arizona, temporarily, for a job selling ski and snowboard equipment/accessories. Its really nice to be back near family and friends. Its weird to be back in the city. That job has kept me so busy traveling all over the west coast for the last 4 months. Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego...all over!
I was the Maid of honor in a good friends wedding. That keeps you busier than you think it will when you agree to do it! :)
Then the holidays... always keep you busy and football season, of course. :) So things have slowed down. Its snowboarding season now! So I will be finding ways to make it to snow. I have friends and a free season pass in southwest Colorado. That will be my first stop! Here is my timeline of the last few months....

-Goodbye Colorado-

I miss it so much! Pictures of my last hike through the Rockies

-Summertime in Arizona-

Reconnecting with some old friends.
(Dolora, Heather, Me, Erin, Leah, Maria)

Pool time...friends BBQ'ing and playing pool games

Marcos high school reunion. MHS class of 99

San Diego trip...I love it there.

Monsoon season in Tempe. I love this time of year in AZ.

Seattle, WA ski swap

Ski/Snowboard sale

Plane ride home. Exhausted.

Picture from the plane, Mt Reiner?

-Caras Bridal shower-
This shower was so cute! It was a Kentucky Derby themed. All the guests wore big hats and red roses everywhere. We served fried chicken and mint jullips. So much fun!

Opening gifts and playing games.



heather said...

I'm so jealous that you got back to Arizona!!

I'm in Colorado now. The Springs area. Feel free to come crash at our place whenever. We'd love to have you & love to see you!

Cassie said...

Woo hoo you finally posted some new pictures. I like the Kentucky Derby bridal shower idea. I need to use that one. See you in a few weeks!