Saturday, June 20, 2009

Same ol same ol

So I have not been on here in months! Nothing new. Just enjoying the change in seasons. Im glad the snow is gone and everything is in bloom. Lots of rain this spring. I wonder how the summer will be? Ive been on a few trips here and there. Was able to go to Canada for the first time. It was beautiful! Then to AZ to enjoy the heat. (I dont even recognize this white skin! Its been covered up all winter.)  And of course I'll be going camping whenever possible. I cant wait for this summer! Lots of things going on. I get to see my sister and her family in August! Cant wait to laugh till I cry :) I think this will be the first time in a year or 2 my whole family will be

Camping in colorado


Marco, camping

Looking for the spot. camping
Whistler BC Canada

Taking a break, Whislter,BC
Marco and I, riding the gondola. Whislter,Canda

Downtown Vancouver,BC Canda