Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Rockie Mountain High"

I went on a walk with the boys and decided to take some pictures and experiment with my camera. A lot of the plants are still growing so there wasnt much. I did spot some ducks which was kinda weird I didnt expect to see ducks down by the river.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


For Marcos birthday me him and a friend went down to denver for the day. Is was so fun! We literally sat at Barnes and Noble and read books for 3 hours. We walked around downtown denver and finished it off with a Rockies-Giants game. Such a good day. If you cant tell we were getting a little ressless towards the end of the game and trying to make the ugliest faces for pictures.

Its Summer! YAY!

So I have been asked to update my blog. Honestly, Im really not good at creating the pages, it takes me so long.
Things have been really good though. It has been a long winter but the snow is finally gone and the sun has been out consistantly for 2 weeks now. Its so nice to just sit in the sun. Its amazing at how much it effects your mood. Marco gave me a bike for my birthday so Ive been riding it all over town and to work (5 minutes tops). Summer is good! Let see, what else? Marco and I have become quite the gardners. Ill post some pics of my plants they are getting so big! Its exciting to see them grow. Im growing Basil which I cook with all the time. Tomato, Green Bean, Bell Pepper and a jalapeno. They dont have anything yet but hopefully soon. They are all flowering. I think thats a good sign. The flowers I started already died.
Also I went to visit AZ at the end of April. It was great to get out of snow and go to 80 degree weather. I soaked it up. For about 1 hour my family was all together for the first time in months so we took pictures even though we were looking really cute in our Sunday family dinner best. Anyways, here is some pictures...
My New Bike!!

Basil and green bean

Tomato and Jalapeno

Grooming the Tomato

Me and Rendon Dean

Me and my sis's