Thursday, January 10, 2008

some christmas pics...

dad and becs..

becs, rendon and me

Happy Holidays!

So I had a great christmas and New year. I went home to AZ for a couple of day and got to spend lots of time with the fam. I was especially excited to see my nephews. They are so cute! I didnt want to put Rendon down. He is such a good and happy baby. Its was Bostons first christmas where he kinda knew what was going on. He would open any present he could get his little hands on. Ha ha. I had a really really good christmas and I made it home just before all the flights were cancelled and the roads were closed due to weather. We had some really good friends come and visit. We had a lot of fun. Its so nice have friends and family come visit. I didnt do anything on New Years but there was firecrackers on the mountain and I could sit on my couch and see them perfectly out the window. It was a nice suprise. I fell asleep at 1130pm and woke up at 1am. Oops, I slept right throught the new year. Its been snowing a lot and Im starting to get cabin fever. When its 4 degrees outside I avoid doing anything that involves hang outside. Well anyways, I cant get the christmas pictures to download so here are some recent picture of fireworks and random pictures after snowboarding.

waiting for the bus...

me and erin taking a seat infront of a shop..

walking home from the mountain...over the river and through the woods...literally.
Happy New Year!

waiting for the bus again....