Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Jersey trip

Ok, so it has been sooo long since my last blog. I have lots to update. I went to visit Cassie and the Ross family in Oct/Nov and we had a great time. Cassie and her family are currently residing in New Jersey. We saw lots of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Washington DC. It was all so beautiful. Im sure I just picked the right time to go. It was a great trip and I had so much fun hanging out with my nephews. They are so sweet and so cute. I miss them again! So here are some of my pictures from the trip including our Halloween costumes. We were the Peter Pan gang. I did not bring enough memory on my camera for all the pictures I wanted to take!

Washington DC

Lincoln Memorial

Pennsylvania, Hersey and Lancaster (Amish country)

Lancaster, PA on the train


Liberty Bell

Atlantic City, NJ (Vegas on the beach)

New York ,New York

Pumpkin Patch, NJ



Lisa Truman said...

How fun! That is part of the country that I haven't had the pleasure of visiting but hopefully someday! :) Love the pictures! I added you to my blog so let me know if you don't get the email invitation.

LL said...

OMG the whole family as the peter pan characters for halloween? i LOVE it! too cute.
also, looks like a fun trip.
how are you gipper? i miss you.
are you snowed in your home right now?

Cassie said...

Best trip EVER! Wish we could do it again before we move, and bring Marco too.